Wood for Fencing

Ranch Grade – these boards will have defects like rough to missing edges on one side, larger knots, end splits to varying degree. Suitable when you are on a budget and will “get the job done”.

1x6x6 Redwood

$3.00 each from the top, no picking

1x8x6 Redwood

$5.00 each from the top, no picking

4x4 Douglas Fir Pressure Treated

Douglas Fir Pressure Treated – these posts are perfect for anchoring in your exterior fence. Number 2&Btr quality. 

8ft $12 / 10ft $18 / 12ft $20

1x8x5 Redwood

Con Common-“Seconds” – these boards will have minor defects like small end splits, gouges, and small knots. Even though these boards will have the smallest of imperfections, these are still the best-looking boards I have in the yard. 

$4.50 each from the top no picking